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Oxford Tutor

Oxford Tutor

Do you have an upcoming exam or test? Are you preparing a university application? Struggling with coursework?

Do you need to boost your self-confidence and stay focussed?

Did you know that 96% of Spires tutoring students get their predicted grade or an increase of at least one grade?

Professional Oxford Admissions Tutor

Professional Oxford Admissions Tutor

Spires Online Tutors in Oxford is a web-based platform that allows scholars to connect with the very best tutors on the planet and interact in an online class room.

Spires is a multiple-award-winning startup that is based in the UK and works with university students and tutors from throughout the globe.

Spires was set up in 2014 by Oxbridge graduates with the aim of bringing the highest degree of scholarly and examination prep work tutoring to pupils in all levels and in all localities.

The system has a rigorous procedure for choosing tutors, and just 4% of the tutors who apply are approved.

More than 96% of Spires coaching students accomplish their anticipated grades. Annually, a remarkable 80% of the scholars who collaborate with a Spires Tutor get at least one grade improvement. It's clear why Spires is the top-rated UK tutoring system on TrustPilot.

Professional tutors can guide more than 500 various subjects and aid learners get ready for formal exams at the following levels:

Primary School - 3 plus, 4 plus, 7 plus, 8 plus, elementary, numeracy and literacy in English and various other languages

Secondary School - 11 plus, Common Entrance, Key Stage, GCSE, iGCSE, National 5, A-level, IB, Higher, United States High School, Australian High School, and all various other examinations in English speaking countries, or English-speaking institutions everywhere

University - UCAS Applications and University Admissions, Oxbridge entry examinations, Dissertations, Undergraduate, Masters, Postgraduate, and Doctoral Professional Educating Chartered Qualifications

Subject professional Tutors help learners understand core ideas and points. They additionally help students continue to discover new points and establish good self-study routines and routines.

Spires specialists can aid with subject comprehension, project planning, coursework evaluations and revisio


25 hours of classes
"We really struggled to find a good online tutoring site and decided on Spires. Nicholas has really helped our son prepare for his A levels this summer. Thank you!"

Jane, Oxford UK


15 hours of classes
"Alex was an incredibly helpful physics tutor! She really knows her stuff and wants to make sure my son leaves the lesson with an understanding of the core concepts."

Rahul, Oxford UK

University Admissions

"I have just received my offer to study Physics at Oxford University. Spires really help me through the whole application process and I can not thank them enough."

Julia, Oxford UK

A Level

22 hours of classes

"We were skeptical about online tutoring at first. Mahima is such a great online biology tutor that we quickly fell in love with the idea. Thank you Spires for helping me succeed!"

Paul, Oxford UK

Tutor Oxford

At Spires, you can rapidly locate a tutor for your needs, available at a time that fits you. You can get together on any device and lessons are taped for you to playback later. You may want a:

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Oxford Tutoring Agency

Oxford Tutoring Agency

If you are looking for Tutors in Oxford, you will be happy to know we presently have more than 900 tutors with academic and professional experience in a wide range of subjects from Primary to Key Stage levels, GCSEs and A-levels to professional qualifications and everything in between.
They work with learners in the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, India, New Zealand and everywhere else!
We also have many tutors and a vast selection of subjects taught, French, Spanish German, English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Geography, History, English, School entrance tests, A-level, GCSE, Key Stage, English Literature, Law, Psychology, Engineering, Economics, Finance, MBA, GMAT, GRE, ACCA, AAT, IELTS, TEFL, ESL, and you can explore much more on our platform.
Our passionate tutors likewise provide university tutoring and university admissions test preparation - including all Oxford and Cambridge admissions tests.

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Oxford Tutoring Jobs

Tutors in Oxford - Who can apply to be a tutor? Who we are looking for

We consider online tutors in all subjects, for all age groups and levels of study. From Primary school right through to Professional certifications. Spires is a worldwide platform and we have tutors and students from all over the world. Skills we search for in online tutors Pertinent degree or teaching certifications - Degrees should be broadly in the area that you wish to tutor. Teaching qualifications aren't essential but will be a considerable enhancement to your application.

Appropriate teaching experience - Ideally as a schoolteacher, lecturer or private tutor. We hardly ever accept undergraduates and current graduates without previous teaching experience. Online teaching experience - This can consist of on other remote online tutoring platforms, VLEs, online white boards and so forth. This is not essential however as online teaching has distinct requirements and needs, we like to see previous experience.

That we have sufficient need in your subject - The demand for remote tutoring is generally centred around sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, languages, humanities, professional certifications, entry tests and aptitude tests.

There is always an excess of demand relative to supply of tutors in subjects such as economics, computer science and related subjects. There is usually an excess of supply in languages and humanities relative to require. We will only invite people to speak with if we believe their skills will be genuinely used on Spires.

Tutoring is not the like lecturing or class teaching. It revolves around 1:1 interaction, is unique and ought to be personalised. Building a connection and getting the respect and attention of your student needs a more proactive and interactive approach to teaching. Psychological intelligence is as crucial as raw intelligence in tutoring!

Tutoring is all about being educated, constructive, proactive, likeable, friendly and competent. In short, professional. These are the qualities we search for in our tutors.

Oxford Tutoring Jobs
Expert Physics Tutor Oxford
Expert Physics Tutor Oxford

Oxford is the administrative as well as historic area seat of Oxfordshire in England. It is most identified for being the location of the University of Oxford. The community was initially inhabited as a fording station in Saxon times, situated in between the upper Thames (the Isis in Oxford) as well as the Cherwell, simply north of their joint. Formerly, humans had avoided the valley lowlands in favour of the drier uplands to the north as well as south. Oxford lastly became a Thames town, created to safeguard Wessex's northern frontier from Danish attack. The city was first pointed out in writing in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (912 ), when Edward the Elder was stated to have actually " managed Lurdenbryg [London] and Oxford and also all the lands connecting to that." Besides the Saxon Romanesque tower of St. Michael's Church in Cornmarket Street, little of Oxford's Saxon negotiation continues to be. Robert O'Reilly was the first Norman governor of Oxford and supervised of creating Oxford Castle, of which just the motte ( pile) and the tower of the Church of St. George remain. The regional prison now inhabits the place. Robert also built the first bridges in Oxford (Magdalen, Folly, and Hythe). Around the hamlet, the Normans constructed a rock wall. This wall surrounded an area of about 95 acres (38 hectares). Besides a couple of little items, such as those basing on the premises of New College, absolutely nothing of it makes it through. The initial Oxford see, developed as a diocese in 1542, was Osney Priory (destroyed). Still, in 1546 this honour was given to St. Frideswide Priory, the "chapel" of Christ Church College as well as the smallest cathedrals in England. Because of its magnificent sky line of Gothic spires as well as steeples, Oxford is referred to as the "City of Spires." Most of these are associated with the college, the earliest in England. Most of the buildings at Oxford University were built in the 15th, 16th, as well as 17th centuries. College College (1249 ), Balliol (1263 ), and Merton were Oxford's initial universities (1264 ). Each college is designed around 2 or three quadrangles, each with its chapel, hall, library, and also walled yards. Oxford stayed a market community after the college was created in the second component of the 12th century, although this feature waned in relevance after the 13th century. The town's being successful background became the university's background, albeit there was constantly some animosity in between "town and also gown." The Massacre on St. Scholastica's Day in 1355 was the most fierce manifestation. Oxford's strategic relevance during the English Civil Wars (1642-- 51) made it the Royalist headquarters to which King Charles I took out adhering to beats at Edgehill, Newbury, as well as Naseby. Lord Fairfax, the Parliamentary u.s. president, besieged the city in May 1646, and it fell to him on 24 June. The community ended up being an important stagecoach joint, and many inns from the stagecoach period still endure today. A canal network connecting Oxford with numerous nation locations was additionally developed throughout the 18th century, as well as the Great Western Railway from London to Bristol was inaugurated in 1835.

Best English Tutor Oxford

Do Spires online Oxford tutors all have Oxbridge degrees?

All online tutor must to hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and also have specialist tutoring experience. Most of our tutor have greater degrees on top of that, from popular higher education such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge or University College London.

All of our tutors are DBS checked or have had background checks of the exact same parity in their home country, if it is not the UK.

What do tutors in Oxfordshire OF UK do?

Our tutor's responsibility is to aid you to learn about and master your decided on subject. Putting to use their capability as well as their educational experience, they will help you recognize, assess as well as use the product of your course job and study studies. They are not going to do your work for you.

Simply just how much does a private tutor price per hr?

Oxford tutoring rates are according to level: School: For Primary school, Secondary and also Higher Education prices begin at ₤ 25/hr. University: For Undergraduate and also Postgraduate tutoring, prices begin at ₤ 35/hr. Specialist: For Chartered Qualifications as well as Admissions Test tutoring, costs begin at ₤ 45/hr. The average tutor rate varies based upon the tutor' experience and also expertise as well as the level of the student.

Can I set up online Primary tutor in Oxford?

Yes, you can! We have an amazing choice of private tutors who have really taught children at the Primary school level. We can provide fluency and proficiency tutoring, English and Maths, school entrance exams and any of the various other topics instructed at Primary level. Most of our Primary students start lessons with a private tutor from 9 or 10 years old, but we do have pupils as young as 4 or 5 years old from time-to-time. Our teachers all have years of experience with this age group and also are all DBS (CRB) checked.

Can I prepare a private GCSE tutor online in Oxford?

Yes, you can! We have a leading option of specialist teachers providing GCSE tuition. The GCSE educator you pick will have instructed AQA, CCEA, OCR, Edexcel, and also various other granting bodies. Numerous tutors have a good deal of experience with IGCSE learners too.

Do you supply IB tutors in Oxford?

Yes, we do. International Baccalaureate is preferred with Spires people. We have tutors providing help in all subjects at HL as well as SL levels. Simply utilize the filter to search an option of private IB tutor. Feel free to message those you such as to ask if they supply the support you call for before setting up a lesson.

Can I prepare an A-level tutor in Oxford?

We have a superb selection of expert A-level Oxford tutors who have experience with all exam boards and also subjects. After you find your most appropriate A-level tutor, you can get in touch with them before preparing a lesson. They will certainly after that customize a syllabus based upon your details demands as well as supply any additional material.

Can I set up University tutors in Oxford, Oxfordshire OF UK?

Yes, you can! Our enormous data source of University-level tutors offers a wide variety of expertises and also knowledge. Simply make use of the filter to seek your topic as well as level of research study, as well as look into supplied potential customers.

Can you offer a private tutor in Oxford for University admissions tutoring?

Yes, we can! We have various expert University entrance tutor who all have exceptional record.

Our Oxbridge admissions tutor are all grads and can offer the best guidelines and reminders to prepare.

We have tutor who have finished at Ivy League universities and leading universities all around the world.

We similarly supply IELTS and also TOEFL preparation tutoring for non-native English speakers.

Do you have Oxford tutors online for adult students in Oxfordshire of UK?

Yes, we do! Our huge data source of tutors gives a significant selection of Chartered Certification tutoring and all other qualified expert examinations.

If you can't find a tutor for your subject, please connect with us, as well as we will recommend an advised expert for your demands

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